Friday, October 31, 2008

Martyrs (2008) - FRANCE

Martyrs is a 2008 French Drama/Horror film directed by Pascal Laugier . This movie tells the story of Anna, once a little girl, found wandering a year later on a country road virtually catatonic after suffering some sort of physical abuse. She grows into a comely young woman, but she's got serious issues. She also has a close friend, Lucie, who she ultimately calls after she finds herself in an unusual house in the middle of the forest. There's something very disturbing about the Bauhaus-esque home, something Anna can't quite put her finger on.

Martyrs is not just another mindless horror film . It combines horror with emotion , Very Similar to Inside if you are thinking about the gore in it . The central performances are top notch and Jessie Pham as the young Lucie is very convincing, completely holding your attention.Martyrs truly is a monster. It's a ground breaking, brave, stunning, brutal & moving piece of work that is guaranteed to divide audiences everywhere it gets the chance to play.The first hour and a bit of Martyrs was quite effective in delivering unsettling imagery and sounds. Elements of child abuse is something that is certainly unnerving so it's subtext in the film added to the creepiness factor. Though almost maddening in its unevenness, Martyrs ultimately comes off as an unusually provocative horror effort that's sure to leave viewers thinking and talking about it long after the end credits have rolled.

Martyrs is shocking, vicious, fascinating, ugly, merciless, and brutal. Fortunately for horror fans with very strong fortitudes, it's also very darkly entertaining and strangely fascinating. It's one of the most fascinating pieces of "hardcore" horror cinema you'd ever want to see.

If you had already seen the Inside and liked it , then this movie is for you . Go for it.

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