Thursday, March 6, 2008

À l'intérieur (2007) - FRANCE

À l'intérieur ( INSIDE ) is a 2007 french horror film directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury .

Now what can i say about this movie .... I just finished this movie watching and I must say that this is one of the goriest movies ever made . Lots of blood from starting till the end of the film . You know how certain amusement park rides (usually the really scary or herky-jerky ones) have warning signs that say "Look, if you're pregnant enough that you can rest a mug of coffee on top of your belly, then you're definitely not allowed to get on this ride"? I'm paraphrasing there, but already you get my point: Certain rides are too physically strenuous for pregnant women to deal with. Well, I'd like to propose that the ferocious French horror flick
À l'intérieur (aka Inside) get one of those signs. Bottom Line: Not since Rosemary's Baby has there been a film to freak out the preggos.

The plot is a wonderfully stripped-down affair: An extremely pregnant young woman (who recently lost her husband in a terrible car accident) is scheduled to have her baby the next day. So her plan is to spend Christmas Eve alone at home -- miserable gal that she is -- and then check into the hospital in the morning to give birth. Sounds simple enough. Unfortunately there's this outrageously crazy psycho bitch who's entirely convinced that our heroine's unborn baby ... is hers. And let's just say our villainess is not averse to getting her hands (ahem) dirty while extracting the unborn child. That's pretty much it: Two women, one night, several unlucky bystanders, and more fake blood than Herschell Gordon Lewis ever dreamt of.

Some may call it sick and others may call it shamelessly ugly garbage, but as someone who's seen hundreds of horror movies from every corner of the globe -- I'm convinced that À l'intérieur is some sort of maniacal mini-masterpiece. Or if it is just 85 minutes of well-polished genre crap, then it's crap that had me cringing, cheering, clapping, howling and gaping slack-jawed at the screen. It's an audaciously gruesome little flick, there's no doubt about that

But make no mistake: This is one hardcore horror film. If your 59-year-old mother was proud of herself after sitting through Saw 2, make sure she realizes that she's never even dreamt of a movie as graphically distressing as À l'intérieur.

So , If u are a fan of gore or blood in horror movies then this is a must watch .

NOTE : A warning for women before watching this flick as most of the ladies may not like this movie because of its extreme violence .

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