Wednesday, February 20, 2008

About the Blog !!

HORROR - WHAT's the first thing come into your mind after listening this word .
definitely ghosts , spirits , blood , etc . etc..

Many people from the world are big fan of this genre , they love to watch horror movies.
Horror movies are directed everywhere in the world . whether it is USA , Canada , Russia , Asia , Europe or any place else . But most of us don't even know about some good horror movies that have been made .

So here i am to provide you the information about the best horror films to watch from all over the world , i will keep updating the list .

For the movie torrents , just visit the torrent sites .

For any movie request from this list , just write in the comments .


kaustubh said...

Dear Sir,

I very much liked ur collection and the study about the horror films . Can u please tell me the torrent site thru which I can download all these movies . Being the rare collection , most of the movies are either not available in market or the print available is very bad, One more thing is there any way that I can get the notification in my email about the new entry coming to this blog ......
do keep on working so that we can get to know @ good scary horror movies ...

thank you once again
kaustubh n.

slug bait said...

why hello. your collection leaned a bit heavily toward the j-horrors. a genre i feel is getting old.

i would still like to see suicide circle. i've been looking for that since i heard about it.

would you mind sending me the link for that one? and for suspiria? and misery. my email is:


slug bait said...

one more, tetsuo 1&2. the comparison to david lynch was the clincher there. totally.

Anonymous said...

The Woman in Black (1989)

kashiira said...
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Martha said...

ive now dowloaded at least 8-9 of the movies youve recomended. I cant wait until their done downloading!!

just have to find some other to watch them with because my boyfriend is a wuzz. :) And i cant dare watch them all alone!!


noon said...

thanx for your try
I have been studying cinematography in the horror genre
your web site guide me thanx