Monday, February 25, 2008

THESIS ( 1996 ) - SPAIN

One more good spanish horror flick of 1996 - THESIS directed by Alejandro Amenabar.

"Tesis" is not only a tantalizing Horror Thriller, but is also an intelligent study of people's fascination with death and the imagery of death.

Thesis has a few more topical similarities with Ring, there's a video tape that kills in this one too although in this case it's not an urban myth but a snuff movie. Angela is doing her thesis on audio visual violence when she finds a snuff video - and let me tell you, what is on this video is just as frightening as the famous well footage in Ring.

Whilst Ring was based on the urban myth, the horror and suspense in Thesis feels a lot closer because of the extremely sinister subject matter and us knowing full well there will be some sort of body count that will be depicted in characteristically UGLY stomach churning style.

Thesis manages to be thought provoking, raising many questions (along with your hair), it has a dig at itself and the issue of violence but it succeeds best of all as a very well made psychological thriller.

Thrilling from the first to the last minute, and sometimes quite shocking and disturbing, "Tesis" is a movie that will definitely not disappoint you if you're looking for suspense.The acting in the movie is very good.

So , one more Horror film for your collection .

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