Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Ring Series ( Japanese )

When you are talking about the horror , you can't get away from talking about The Ring directed by Hideo Nakata . This is the story about a Video Tape after watching which you get killed in seven days . Why ??? , Well that's the suspense which you will get after watching the movie . There are lot of memorable scenes in this one , a great story originally based on the novel by Koji Suzuki . There is an american remake of this movie also , but most people don't know that beyond the american remakes "The Ring 1" and " The Ring 2 " , there are more Japanese Ring Movies as a collection called "Ring Anthology Of Terror " .

This film is the highest grossing horror film in Japan at 15.9 billion yen ($137.7 million) and is also considered the most frightening horror movie in Japan.

There are total of four japanese horror Ring movies - Ringu , Ringu 2 , Ringu 0 : Birthday , Rasen .

The truth is three of these movies are actually pretty good , only one of them is pretty crappy .

The Original Ring movie ( Ringu - First part ) plays out like a great detective story , some mystery . It's fairly close to the book but witth the exception of the main character in the movie is the girl instead of guy in the original novel . Overall the ring movies are a great way to get into horror . They have got all the traditional elements , the supernatural elements , not to much gore , it is basically based on the psychological , the spook factor , u know like what could be there behind the corner , curses and ghosts .

The Ring 0 , the last movie which was made is actually the prequel of all of the ring series , there are some emotional and character driven elements in this last part which was lacking in ringu 2.

Well the best one is definitely the first part Ringu , Ringu 2 was not good at all .

Mainly three parts are good Ringu , Rasen , Ringu:0

but watch all the parts for completing the series .

I highly recommend th first part Ringu , Rasen - the other sequel beyond Ringu 2 , it was based on second book named Spiral brings more of a medical approach to it , more scientific , trying to explain the curse .

so who hasn't watched the Ring yet , go and watch it . Great Horror .

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English Remake " the Ring " was also very good . Some Find it even better than the Japanese :

English Remake : The Ring 2 :

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