Thursday, February 21, 2008

Audition ( 1999 ) - ( Japanese )

Audition - another classic japanese horror masterpiece by famous controversial director - Takashi Miike , Best described as a disturbing masterpiece , more graphic in nature .
My personal favourite . It is based on the novel by Ryu Murakami of te same title

Audition tells the story of a man " Aoyama " who previously lost his wife , seven years after her death Aoyama son urges him to try and find a new wife because his face not getting any younger as he is going through his middle age . Aoyama talks to a friend of his who is in the film industry . Well his friend says that why do we not hold a Phony Audition and try to meet some girls for you indirectly . Aoyama goes well with his friend's plan and eventually he does find a woman , what happens next that you have to find after watching this film . This film has one of the most shocking and dramatic ending any film ever has . The first part of the movie is pretty slow , some may find it even boring , but to understand the movie you have to go with the full movie .

The second half is actually what makes this movie into a classic , specially the shocking ending . This movie is to violent and graphic in nature as compared to any other horror movie you have ever seen . So , strictly not recommended for people with weaker heart .

Great acting and dialogues .

Overall a great story horror with excellent graphic scenes . Best horror i have ever seen . A Horror film that definitely needs to be experienced .

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