Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ichi the Killer - ( 2001) - ( JAPAN )

This time guys another masterpiece from the same director of audition - Takashi Miike

Ichi The Killer -
One of the most Goriest and Darkly Humorous film .

Ichi The Killer starts Tadanobu Asano who is Kakihara - very sadistic and cruel Yakuza murderer who is distrupts after his boss is brutally killed . Kakihara likes to receives pain , he likes to people beat him up , he is one of those kind of guys who finds orgasmic pleasure through pain . So when his boss is killed he wants to find the killer so that the killer can hurt him even more , now who is the killer ???? , that's the movie ....

There are lots of gory and violent scenes , lots of slashing in this movie , extreme violent, rapes , sexual arousals through killing , too disturbing that you won't find in any modern traditional movie .

perfect for those who likes to watch bloody , violent or gory horror .

This film is based on Manga - a comic book . A lot of the Violence in this movie is actually over the top . It's not like some ghostly scary movie , but it's a totally shocking and freaking masterpiece . lots of blood flowing .

Most of you who haven't watched it before might be shocked certainly when you watch it for the first time .

As a publicity gimmick, vomit bags were handed out at the Toronto International Film festival
to those attending the midnight screening of this film.

So another must watch bloody Horror For your List .

Note : Please don't watch it with your family .

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Mya said...

I love this movie, my boyfriend heard of it through some friends and decided we should watch it together. He was so freaked when he watched it, me on the hand was lovin the way Kaki's mouth opened so wide. I love your site keep up the good work...