Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ju-On series ( Japanese )

Another Great Horror Flick from Japan , The Ju- On Series also known as " The Grudge"

These two films - Ju-on 1 & 2 are directed by Takashi Shimizu .

Ju- on has got a great story . It's about a haunted house that has been cursed because of something awful had happened there some months before and anybody that comes in contact with house .....hmmm... Let's just say some bad stuff goes down .

So , it's a traditional japanese ghost story that features more pale skin , japanese girls with long black hair .

These movies are one of the big names in horror cinema , the heavy hitters .

The Ju-on series are quite similar to ring series in a simple aspect that they don't rely on gore or bloody guts to scare people , they have mainly the mysterious and the mood setting bone chilling atmosphere similar to the stuff found in " Ring " .

Actually Ju-on has some few violent scenes , artistically it is more violent than the Ring movies , specially at the begining and the very end with what actually happened in the house that makes it cursed actually it is not that violent at at the begining , but yet a fair warning from me .

Ju-on series is different from other horror films in the way they are presented in a non-linear fashion , so you have someone being the main character at one point of the story and then you see the other side characters become the main characters later . so it's kind of a pieces put together which is pretty cool . It will definitely scare you .

The first part is lot better than the first , second part has the same kind of thing happening over and over again , but that will not affects it's scary nature .

So , it's another box office hit horror film that you must check and keep in your collection .

There are the american remakes of this one also , but in my opinion , japanese version is the best , much more scary than the american one .

IMDB Info :

Ju-on 1 :

Ju-on 2 :

American Version :

The Grudge :

The Grudge 2 :

Try to watch japanese versions first even if you have to watch with the subtitles .

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mxxbock said...

watch the two original ju on for japanese tv they are great the two japanese ones you have are not the original are cinema version and are the sequels of the two first movies. try and find the tv movies far far better movies.