Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rinne (2005) - JAPAN

Reincarnation ( Rinne ) is a 2005 Japanese horror Smash Hit directed by the same director of Grudge - Takashi Shimizu .
The Story of reincarnation goes as there once was a hotel where a bloody massacre took place and now a filmmaker decided to take this nice idea to make a horror film reagarding this bloody massacre at the exact same hotel . So , as you know the Takashi shimizu's style of film making , like the Grudge , here in this film also things didn't go fine according to the plan and mysterious things started happen very suddenly . So what will happen to the film crew when they shoot there ? will the actors , actresses survive ?
What is happening now , is this happened before ? So lot of questions , of which you will get the answers at the end of the film. It's tightly made . You will really enjoy the story of this film , a good story .

Reincarnation is a ghost story similar to Ju-on in some ways like the same kind of haunted establishment . Lot of people also compared it to The Shining . It's got some jumpy scenes , few gory scenes near the end . The performances are all good , the sound , background music is very good. So , definitely overall a very good horror film .

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